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Amy Segal on the art of adornment

Amy Segal standing in front of wooden tray of fine jewelry and flowers

When you combine a background in fine arts, international travel and design, finding rare treasures is a part of the package.  After spending two decades in the jewellery business and living in New York, Hong Kong and London, Amy’s hallmark is finding luminous jewellery with a beautiful and exciting past and curating an unparalleled collection of one-of-a kind vintage and contemporary fine jewellery. 


Amy’s gift is in understanding the emotional connection between every piece of jewellery and the woman whom it adorns. Each moment tells a personal story where history intermingles with new memories every time a piece is worn.

“I am equally drawn to luminous jewelry with a past as I am pulled towards the creation of contemporary pieces that help create purpose. Jewelry is so very intimate ​and it is my life’s joy to work with clients to find theirs.”

Through Amy’s global travels, resumed now with the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, her never-ending journey to acquire extraordinary and wearable pieces and stones with backstories continues.  She carefully researches each piece to create bespoke collections for her discerning clientele so that each collection surpasses the last.  Amy is drawn to Georgian jewels, enamelled cherubs, deco snake rings, 19th century portrait brooches, 1960’s statement pieces, and classic styles that remain in demand year after year.  She maintains a love of 60s and 70s design and her vintage pieces, while steeped in a bygone era, are still relevant today. With Amy’s curation, these vintage pieces are perfectly integrated with her modern jewellery collection to create her signature, in-demand look. 

Amy guides her clients in developing their own collections, designing special pieces, finding the perfect jewellery for a special occasion or inspiring a new look.   Her New York sense of art and craftsmanship, her endless cadre of sources and her spirit of adventure, boldness, beauty, and natural grace make her truly individual.. 

​Inspiration comes from people and their stories, awakens us to possibility, and allows our inner beauty to shine. 


Discover your story,

Amy xo
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